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All you need to get good skin

Upgrade your skincare routine to handle the cold harshness of Winters and hot humidness of Summers with our products. 


Herbal Moisturizer

Benefits of use

  • Restores moisture
  • Reduces skin dryness
  • Makes skin soft and smooth
  • Gets easily absorbed by the skin
  • Good fragrance

What's Inside

  • Coconut Oil It protects skin from damaging by avoiding free radical formation which can lead to age spots, wrinkled skin, and sagging skin
  • Wheat-Germ Oil It strengthen the skin cell membrane, increases moisture level of the skin and improves quality of the skin
  • Jojoba Oil It reduces skin inflammation, works as good cleanser, removes sun tan and reduces under-eye dark circles
  • Vitamin Oil It nourishes the skin, treats stretch marks, lightens scars and acts as anti-ageing
  • Honey It acts as moisturizing mask, pore cleanser, gentle exfoliator, scar fader and cuticle moisturizer.


Rose Water

Benefits of use

  • It helps maintain pH balance of the skin
  • It hydrates, revitalizes, moisturizes the skin and makes it smooth
  • Provides cooling sensation to the skin
  • It helps to tone the skin
  • It has anti-bacterial properties
  • Revitalizes aging skin and keeps fine lines & wrinkles at bay


Glycerin With Rose Fragrance

Benefits of use

  • Acts an emollient, making skin moist, soft and supple
  • Draws moisture to the skin’s surface
  • Acts as cleanser to wash away dirt and grease without drying out the skin
  • Acts as toner to freshen the skin without making skin feel sticky or greasy

Available in 50ML & 100ML